16 02 2017

PUT student prizewinner of Indie Games Polska

Radosław Paszkowski from PUT received a grant funded by Indie Games Polska (IGP)which enabled him to participate  in Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. GDC , held at the end of February and the beginning of March, is one of the world greatest events associated with video games   business. The grant holders have been selected by  the Fundation Program Council out of more than 50 candidates. The most promising young creators of video games from Poland will take part in it.

IGP was established only a year ago on the  grass-roots initiative of people involved in the game business. However, the first in history grant holders’ participation in GDC has already been our tenth international project preceded by the most important game fairs such as Gamescom in Kolonia, PAX West in Seatle or Tokyo Game Show. Every Polish gamedeveloper would like to take part in GDC, at least once in a lifetime, whereas their  fellow students being at the same time competition from the West attend it on regular basis. Game small   businesses need more support  and now we are in the process of preparing other projects, like e.g.  acceleration program – said Jakub Marszałkowski from the Faculty of Computing  at PUT, member  IGP Fundation Council.

IGP grant program was announced publicly during Gala opening the social campaign called “programuj.gov.pl”  with participation of Jarosław Gowin Minister of Science and Higher  Education, Anna Streżyńska Minister of Digitilisation as well as Jadwiga Emilewicz  Deputy Minister of  Development.

See film on YOUTUBE.

Photo by J. Marszałkowski and Warsaw Film Sudio