Poznan Festival of Science and Art

Polyfestival is an event that popularises and promotes science. It is held every year in spring as a part of Poznan Festival of Science and Art. This exceptional and known throughout Poland event is a three days long academic celebration, the time when various methods of communication, such as lectures, presentations and workshops, are used to show that the University is much more than just learning and examinations. Every year the Festival attracts people, who want to promote and publicise knowledge about achievements of Poznan universities, make subjects of scientific research closer to general public and present artistic output of Poznan in its widest meaning.

Because of this, the Festival days are a specific form of contact of academic community with the society, a rich and attractive educational offer for all people, regardless of their age, profession and personal interests.

 More information: http://uroczystosci.put.poznan.pl/category/pfnis

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