18 05 2017

Cooperation with universities in Indian state of Gujarat

Professor Teofil Jesionowski Ph.D.,D.Sc., Vice-Rector for Lifelong Learning, represented Poznan University of Technology during the  visit of the rectors and representatives of Polish universities in the Indian state of Gujarat on May 8th-10th, 2017. The visit aimed at starting  mutual cooperation.
Within the framework of the visit agreements concerning scientific and educational cooperation within the scope of the staff exchange programmes,  mobility of Ph.D students   and students were signed.  Also, the common areas for the realization of interdisciplinary research were framed. The participants of the conference were,  among the highest authorities of Indian universities, the Ministers of Gujarat. Moreover, meetings with  representatives of enrolment agencies  in the region of India were held.  Polish representatives were welcomed by Gujarat Forensic Sciences University and Gujarat Technological University.