11 01 2019

Award of the Polish Society of Microbiologists

Wojciech Smułek  Ph.D.Eng. from the Department of Organic Chemistry, as a leading author, received a scientific , 2nd grade prize of the Polish Society of Microbiologists named after prof. E. Mikulaszek for the article "Sapindus saponins' impact on hydrocarbon biodegradation by bacteria strains after short- and long-term contact with pollutant ".  Its authors are: Wojciech Smułek, Agata Zdarta, Piotr Krawczyk, Teofil Jesionowski and Ewa Kaczorek.

The publication presents interdisciplinary research from the borderline of microbiology, physicochemistry of surface-active compounds and environmental engineering. The collected results allow for more effective  designing process of bioremediation of areas contaminated with petroleum compounds. In addition, these indicate a high potential of plant extracts containing saponins as natural surfactants.