26 06 2019

Open-air cinema on the Warta river

We invite you for the hour of 21.30 in front of the Poznan University of Technology Lecture Centre, 2,Piotrowo St.


  • On July 4, we will show the movie Kedi - the secret life of cats

Istanbul is a city with thousands of years of history and the only truest cat's empire. Spryciara, Przylepa, Sultan, Flirciarz, Bestia, Szajba and Cwaniak are individualities who are city guides.


  • On July 18, we will show the film The Hundred-Foot Journey

 The Indian family moves to France, where they open a restaurant.


  • On August 1  we will show a movie The Big Sick

The couple struggles with the cultural differences that divide them as the relationship grows stronger.


  • On August 22, we will show the Green Book movie

A small croaker from the Bronx becomes a chauffeur of extravagant musician from the upper classes and together they set off on a multi-week tour. Oscar 2019