20 05 2020

"Polytechnics help" - universities fight with the threat

Polish polytechnics support the fight against coronavirus. The details were discussed on May 19, 2020 during a teleconference "Polytechnics help" with the participation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Wojciech Murdzek as well as Deputy Ministers Anna Budzanowska and Wojciech Maksymowicz.

Here are some examples of activities at the Poznan University of Technology!

- Poznan University of Technology provides shields for health care workers and Social Welfare Homes free of charge. We have produced over 15,000!

- PUT students took part in the project of constructing and handing over to the Municipal Multi-Specialist Hospital Józef Struś in Poznan a specialist robot with a body with UV-C lamps for air purification.

- Researchers from the Faculty of Management Engineering initiated participation in the FOLDING@HOME campaign (this is an internet project organized by Stanford University in the USA which we wrote about earlier).

- Students have developed separation shields adapted for regular decontamination that are used for intubation.

- Manufacture of connectors for respirators and respirators of last resort.

- "Help for the Senior" campaign.

More information on supporting the fight against coronavirus by Polish polytechnics can be found on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.