17 07 2020

Poznań University of Technology among the 15 best universities in Poland!

Poznan University of Technology advances significantly in the PERSPEKTYW ranking in 2020. The most popular university ranking in Poland, announced today (July 17, 2020), ranked our university fourteenth in Poland, and sixth among technical universities. Compared to the previous year, we climbed six positions.

This is the success of our entire community - says prof. dr hab. Eng. Tomasz Łodygowski, rector of the Poznań University of Technology. According to the Rector, such a significant advance in the ranking shows that the efforts made by the university for the quality of education and research bring tangible results. There are indicators of this ranking that make me particularly happy, such as the fact that we are in the top ten in terms of recognizing a graduate on the labor market. After all, this is why we educate in order to find a very good job quickly with our graduation diploma - emphasizes prof. Łodygowski.

The ranking also shows that the Poznań University of Technology has the best Logistics major in Poland. And among the eighteen classified with the participation of our university, all of them are in the top ten. Automation and Robotics is in the second position, IT, Chemical Engineering, Management and Production Engineering are in third place.

It is worth noting that thanks to the European University EUNICE, in which the Poznań University of Technology is also a leader, we will strengthen our potential with even greater efficiency.

The ranking has been published on the website