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PUT scientists on augmented reality

Augmented reality and remote participation aimed at improving the quality of life of people susceptible to social exclusion due to age, health or family situation - scientists from the Poznan University of Technology, together with universities from seven European countries, thanks to the XR Programs and Research Fund, will undertake research aimed at to verify how metaverse technologies will affect privacy, security, inclusion and the future of work in a changing society.

A team of researchers will lead the project with a wide range of competencies in robotics, AI and machine learning, large-scale computing, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. The scientists have extensive experience gained in many national and international research projects.

In the project implemented as part of the announced program, the Poznan University of Technology team will propose a software platform based on the metaverse idea, which could ultimately become a unique, inclusive virtual space, compensating for the inconveniences experienced by people susceptible to social exclusion and increasing their well-being.

The proposed solution will make it possible to perform many different activities with other users who are not physically present in the same place and develop social bonds.

At the end of 2022, Meta Platforms (Facebook's parent company) announced a $2.5 million investment to support independent academic research across Europe in this area.