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Crowds gathered at the Zamek Culture Centre for the POLItechnical aspects of our space expedition. Bartosz Ziegler discussed how the space vehicle's trajectory is planned to meet the Moon. Representatives of the Faculty of Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering: prof. Dariusz Pazderski and Tomasz Jedwabny presented terrestrial optical data to analyse the Earth's environment and guarantee the success of the mission.

They discussed aiming the telescope at the target, tracking satellites, and finding unclassified objects (including space debris). They also mentioned an autonomous observatory that operates without human intervention and finally connected online with the SkyLab laboratory at the Poznan University of Technology (Patryk Bartkowiak was already waiting there).

Every space mission requires communication with the Earth so that we can see pictures taken by an unmanned probe or check the health of astronauts travelling somewhere between planets or stars. It cannot be done over the phone or Wi-Fi. It may take hours or days for such information to reach us. These topics were discussed by SPEKTRUM Science Club representatives Nikoloz Gonti oraz Aleksandra Słomczewska.

Our planet's mass means it takes a lot of energy to escape its gravitational field. So much so that only the most intense chemical reactions can provide it. PUT RocketLab students, who design and build their rocket structures from scratch, presented the methods used to tame these processes.

In the end, it is time for landing and the CYBAir Science Club together with the tutor Krzysztof Walas, PhD from the Faculty of Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering.

It is thanks to them that the robot that participated in the analogue lunar mission and the Martian rovers moved during the shows in the Great Hall. Krzysztof Stężala and Marcin Gendek discussed space missions, perception, and AI robots.

During the event, our walking robot pointed visitors in the right direction - and the right direction is the Poznan University of Technology.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the event from the Poznan University of Technology and the Zamek Culture Centre!

Gallery from the event HERE.





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