EU/EFTA/Polish Charter Master's degree - Documents required



The candidate is obliged to register in the online recruitment system, fill in on-line application form and upload following documents:

1. Bachelors' diploma - a photocopy legalized at the Polish Embassy/Consulate or Apostilled

2. Transcript of Records (supplement) containing courses passed by a candidate during the studies, in particular including lectures, auditorium classes, laboratory classes, seminar classes, project classes together with obtained grades. Description of the grading scale applied on the transcript is required, in case it is not explained on the trascript itself. The transcript of records needs to be legalized (or bear an Apostille).

3. A certificate of the command of English at the minimum level B2.

4. A photocopy of the valid passport (the page with the photo) or ID card

5. Curriculum vitae

6. Document which entitle you to apply on the same rules as for Polish candidates (copy of Polish Card/ EU ID card)

7. *Portfolio (in case of MSc in Architecture)

List of required works for inspection (portfolio) for candidates for second-cycle full time studies at the Faculty of Architecture of Poznan University of Technology.


NOTE! The are additional entrance interviews or tests


Only completed set of documents will be accepted!!!

Keep original documents – you will need them in Poland.


1 Apostille and legalization are both a process of certifying documents so that they will be recognized by the legal system of a foreign country. Apostille is used in exchange of legalization in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention

2    B2 level (independent user) - according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Most common certificates: IELTS, FCE, TOEFL exam. If previous education was conducted in English please send us language certificate issued by your school.


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