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The mission of PUT’s Faculty of Architecture is to provide top quality higher education (of all three cycles) grounded on up-to-date knowledge, wide international cooperation, close ties with the region, as well as experience and creative achievements of its academic staff. Another significant aspect of the mission is scientific work and research and development projects aimed at deepening knowledge, developing and introducing new solutions in the field of architecture, urban design and art, with the primary objective of intelligent, balanced and sustainable development and integration of the society. The basic factors determining the development of the Faculty are high quality of education and research, publishing, cooperation with the environment, active approach to international cooperation, as well as managing the Faculty according to strategic management standards.

SWOT Analysis was carried out within three key areas of activities: education, scientific research and management, including various aspects of the Faculty’s image and infrastructure.

The Faculty’s strategy of development complies with PUT 2020 strategy of development (as presented in the attachment for PUT Academic Senate Ruling 114 approved on 15.12.2010). It also takes into account legal aspects defined by Law on Higher Education and the assumptions of the state policy in the field of science, whose main objective is to raise civilisation level of Poland with the help of science, especially through its wider use in education, economy and culture.

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