Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering

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In this place we make professionals of industrial and civil construction, building motorways, roads, streets, bridges, underground structures, railways, energy saving structures, air-conditioning, ventilation and supply of water and heat, protection of water, ground and air. The faculty provides an opportunity to obtain all-round and up-to-date knowledge in this field. It will definitely make it easier to find a good job in the relevant field.

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering employs more than 170 academic staff. It offers both full-time and part-time studies of all three cycles in two fields of study: civil engineering and environmental engineering. The Faculty is entitled to grant scientific degrees of doctor and doctor habilitated of technical sciences in two fields: civil engineering and environment protection. In 2006 the Faculty received the highest - the first category of research units for G4 “Civil Engineering and Architecture” homogeneous units group.

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