Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications

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The Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications of the Poznan University of Technology, founded in 2020 as a result of the merger of the Faculty of Computing with the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, represents the discipline of  Technical Computer Science and Telecommunications. The Faculty conducts research at a high level, which is confirmed by scientific category A awarded to parent faculties by the Committee for the Evaluation of Scientific Units in 2017. The Faculty has the right to grant a PhD and postdoctoral degree in the field of technical computer science and telecommunications.

We invite you to start studies at the majors of the Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications: Bioinformatics, Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (offer in English), Information and Communications Technology. The Faculty offer includes both full-time and part-time studies. The high quality of didactics is confirmed by the fact that in 2019 the Polish Accreditation Commission awarded the Faculty of Computing for the IT major the highest rating - distinguishing in all assessment criteria.

Studies at the Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications provide the opportunity to gain specialist knowledge that guarantees obtaining very attractive employment. We provide a professional, global level of education, highly qualified research and teaching staff, an excellent laboratory base, the opportunity to exchange students with renowned European universities and internships at leading companies cooperating with the Faculty. We provide our students with extensive opportunities to operate within student cultural, sporting and scientific organizations and provide a friendly study atmosphere.