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Based in Strzelecka 11, in the centre of Poznan, the Faculty of Engineering Management continues traditions and good practices of industrial organisation and management initiated before the Second World War by Polish engineers: Karol Adamiecki, Piotr Drzewiecki, Edwin Hauswald and Zygmunt Rytel and others.

Organisation and management has been taught at Poznan University of Technology since the 50’s of the last century (the Chair of Economics and Industrial Organisation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), and managerial studies have been available for 40 years.

The Institute of Organisation and Management, the progenitor of the present day Faculty of Engineering Management, came into being in 1970 – and for almost twenty years it functioned as an interfaculty unit of Poznan University of Technology. Hence, each graduate leaving the university possessed the basic knowledge  of economics of industry and construction, organisation of work, ergonomics and labour law.

Perhaps, exactly those skills were the reason for a large number of senior managers with engineering background (technical education) to thrive in Poland in the twentieth century.


By the end of that century, 9-semester studies of Organisation and Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering prepared managers-organisers of industrial activities with the Master of Science degree in engineering, using educational standards developed in cooperation with technical universities of Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow and the Central Institute for Labour Protection. In 1990s, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education, this field of study was renamed to Management and Marketing, and later, upon the accession of Poland to the European Union and adoption of the three-cycle mode of higher education, the former specialisations of Management and Marketing field of study were transformed into three new ones: Management, Logistics and Safety Engineering.


For us, one of the reasons to be proud is the active participation of our students in scientific circles, whose traditions date back to the environment of young managers of 1970s.

Job Fair at Poznan University of Technology, Young Logisticians Forum, organised since 2005 under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy, TIMES (Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills) competition held on yearly basis (also in Poznan) by ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) – an organisation, among whose members you can find the Centre for Promotion of Engineers (CPI) - are only some examples of activities carried out by students of Management, Logistics and Safety Engineering.

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