Faculty of Materials Engineering and Technical Physics

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On 22 January 1997 the Senate of Poznan University of Technology passed a resolution on the transformation of the inter-faculty Institute of Physics into the Faculty of Technical Physics. The newly established Faculty began its operation on 1 April 1997 and took over the Technical Physics field of study from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management. The Faculty comprises the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Materials Research and Quantum Engineering.

The Institute of Physics carries out advanced scientific research in nanotechnology, molecular bioelectronics, semiconductor and metallic surface structures, and computer simulations. They are conducted by its divisions:


The Institute of Materials Research and Quantum Engineering carries out scientific research in the field of molecular micro- and nanostructures of organic compounds, functional materials for applications in optoelectronics as well as in atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

The Institute of Materials Research and Quantum Engineering consists of three divisions:


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