M.Sc. in Construction and Exploitation of Means of Transport

M.Sc. in Construction and Exploitation of Means of Transport, specialization: Gas Technology and Renewable Energy (Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering), duration: 3 semesters, 90 ECTS points

The most important direction of energy development in coming years is the one considered to be based on a significant increase in natural gas consumption. Particularly, in such countries as Poland, where 90% of electricity and 86% of heat is produced from the combustion of coal, increasing the use of natural gas is the most important economic activity for the next decades. From high-power engineering based on combined cycle gas turbine unit CCGT to the distributed cogeneration systems based on gas engines is the most important direction of development of energy, not only in Europe or Poland but also in other countries. Additionally, power based on natural gas can efficiently be supported by renewable energy such as: solar, wind and geothermal. Renewable energy sources are difficult to be used and expensive to operate, but in cooperation with natural gas technology are very promising. Lectures, exercises and laboratories will be carried out by the staff associated with PUT – Laboratory of Gas Technology (LTG), whereas, internships will be given in modern industry natural gas companies. A significant part of the lectures will be conducted by employees of major international research institutions such as the Technical University of Munich, Institute of Geology and Geophysics in Potsdam Germany, the Royal Institute of Technology at Stockholm. Lectures will also be conducted by outstanding employees from the best Polish academic centres. POZNAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Gas Technology and Renewable Energy Field of study: Construction and Exploitation of Means of Transport Gas Technology Laboratory in Poznan University of Technology has well-equipped research facilities. In the LTG lab, gas technology processes are carried out for over 30 years now. Faculty staff of the laboratory have many years of experience in scientific and research centres in a very significant international-centres (the University of California, Gas Wärme Institute in Germany, the Royal Institut of Technology in Stockholm, National Laboratory in Switzerland). Due to a very wide international cooperation with Polish and international natural gas companies, the LTG is well-qualified for the good organization of studies in Gas Technologies and Renewable Energy



M.Sc. in Construction and Exploitation of Means of Transport, specialization: Product Engineering (Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering), duration: 3 semesters, 90 ECTS points 

The course is intended for mechanical engineers who want to broaden their education on issues connected with managing an industrial product in its whole life cycle, starting from design and finishing in disposal (cradle to grave approach). Environmental, economic and social impacts of any products’ existence must all be considered in a path to create goods suitable for the future, sustainable economy. Everything that is available at the global market, both goods and services, is also a subject to the global competition. Therefore, a strong focus in the course is put on the marketing approach to a product, understanding that not only technical requirements stated by potential customers are the source of a products’ market status but also interdisciplinary multi-aspect thinking is necessary in the work of a successful product manager. Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering offers a unique study programme aimed at educating engineers for the needs of sustainable economy. The Faculty has long-lasting experience in teaching and high scientific potential in means of qualified staff and exceptional research equipment. Adding to this the ongoing cooperation with the best European educational and R&D institutions, it all provides with conditions for high-quality technical education.