M.Sc in Logistics

M.Sc in Logistics; specialization Logistic Systems (Faculty of Engineering Management), duration: 3 semesters, 90 ECTS points

Program description

The Master Program in Logistic Systems is a 1.5 year (3-semester), specialized, graduate program focused on developing advanced Logistics Management knowledge and skills. It covers major areas of Logistics Management, including: Supply Chain Management; Quantitative and Decision Aiding Methods for Logistics; Process and Project Management, IT and Computer Systems in Logistics; Manufacturing/ Distribution/ Transportation Management. Our Programme is consistent with the requirements of the European Logistics Association (ELA) Certificate guidelines and includes the modules linked with the concept of 4.0. Industry/ Logistics. The graduates of the M.Sc. Progam in Logistic Systems can become prospective logistics managers in a variety of manufacturing and service companies as well as in local and governmental administration. Since the program is featured by quantitatively problem solving as well as system and  project oriented curriculum, our graduates may easily find their future jobs in all institutions requiring the following skills: designing and enhancing logistics systems and solutions; introducing new logistics concepts and technologies, solving complex, unstructured logistics decision problems; developing and promoting new logistics services; integrating supply chains. Our Program is run by highly recognized international experts in logistics  with exceptional educational skills and experience. It is action-learning oriented to develop the students’ practical capabilities to run their own businesses. The graduates will also have wide knowledge concerning new forms of business organizations like lean and agile enterprises and receive managerial positions in variety of companies. The graduates are also prepared to run their own business.



We offer an optional warm-up semester for candidates (graduates of the Bachelor Program) who have been trained in different fields of study and do not have appropriate educational background to study Logistic Systems. The candidates who have not graduated at the Bachelor Level in: Logistics, Transportation, General Management and Production/ Operations Management may enroll for the 1 semester preparatory course (starting in October) to enhance their knowledge and skills. After satysfying designated academic standards the students enter the Master Program in Logistic Systems. The application process for the preparatory course is carried out along the same administrative principles as in the core program (Pre-Acceptance, Invitation, Visa Application, Final Confirmation).



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