6 02 2020

Awards of the Minister of Development for PUT employees

Deputy Minister of Development Robert Nowicki, during the grand opening of the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA 2020 in Poznan, presented awards in the Competitions for the Award of the Minister of Development.

Among the winners of the Competition for diploma theses, doctoral dissertations and publications in the fields of architecture and construction, spatial planning and housing, were employees of the Poznan University of Technology:

  • in the category of national publications -  Dominika Pazder, Ph.D.Eng.Arch. for the publication “Areas of creativity - creative syntax as a factor in reviving downtown. Selected issues” (Poznan University of Technology Publishing House);
  • in the category of engineering works -  Izabela Klapiszewska, Eng. for her engineering thesis "Impact of aluminum nanoxide on selected physicochemical properties of cement composites" (supervisor:  Agnieszka Ślosarczyk, Ph.D.Eng.).