14 06 2019

Cooperation with Ukraine and Kazakhstan

In the period of 3rd -6th of June Poznan University of Technology welcomed the students from Karaganda State Technical University (Kazakhstan) and Lwow University of Technology “Polytechnika Lwowska” (Ukraine). The students visited our university with a purpose of having scientific trainings at the Department of Geodesy. “Polytechnika Lwowska” was presented by Ms. Liubov Yankiv-Vitkovska, profesor of Lwow University of Technology.

During the stay the students presented their master thesis, had the opportunity to deepen their theoretical knowledge and practical issues at Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The practical lessons in geotechniques were conducted by the dr hab. eng.  Ireneusza Wyczałek and dr eng.  Pana Doktora Artura Plichtę.

During this visit the Agreement between the Department of Geodesy of Faculty of Civil  and Environmental Engineering and Department of Higher Geodesy and Astronomy of Institute of Geodesy of Lwow University of Technology.