24 10 2018

Poznan Energy Cluster

Poznan University of Technology signed a letter of intent with the City Hall regarding the creation of the Poznan Energy Cluster. Among the signatories of the letter were also companies: Veolia, SUEZ Green Energy and municipal companies: MPK, Aquanet, Termy Maltańskie, PTBS, ZKZL, ZZO and PIF.

It is an agreement regarding the generation, distribution and trading of energy from renewable sources within the distribution network. The cluster's task is to create self-sufficient energy circuits.

The cluster is a very big challenge for Poznan local government officials as well as municipal enterprises. All partners will benefit from the achievement of the set goals, but first and foremost, Poznan residents will be among them. Moreover, the City of Poznan will be able to become an energy role model for other Polish metropolises. The creation of the Poznan Energy Cluster is the next big step of the City of Poznan towards Smart City.

Fot. http://www.poznan.pl