Programmes available

Programmes held in English:

Faculty of Architecure 

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Management - programme

 * BSc programme starts from winter semester, MSc programme starts from summer    semester

Faculty of Computing -programme

Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications - programme and syllabi , description of most of the courses

Faculty of Electrical Engineering - programme

Faculty of Transport Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management

Faculty of Chemical Technology - programme in Composites and Nanomaterials

                                                      - description 



If you have question about details of courses please contact with Departmental Coordinators.


Link to catalogue of ECTS you can find here.


Polish Language Course

As the continuation of the intensive Polish course, Center of Languages and Communication organizes Polish Lessons during the whole academic year, obligatory for all the exchange students at PUT. Remember to include this course in your learning agreement (2 ECTS, code 0231)