Polish Week


One week before the beginning of the academic year, in the second half of September or February, there is a so called "Polish week". It is an orientation week for the International Students. During the week you will take part in a Polish language course, free sports activities with other Erasmus students, two trips, one Poznan sightseeing tour and one to a town in the suburbs of our city. You will also receive information on Polish culture and what is the most important you can meet and integrate with other Erasmus students. The participation in the activities is free and not obligatory. You can take a look at the programme and photos from the last academic year at the webpage of the Department of Foreign Languages. We would like to invite you for the next Polish week in February 2020 (24.02.2020-28.02.2020). Take a look at some photos from the last events.


Please inform the LLL & International Education Office if you want to participate in the Polish week until:

  • 31.07.2019 (winter semester)
  • 01.01.2020 (summer semester)

As the continuation of the Polish Week, the Center of Languages and Communication organizes “survival Polish” lessons during the whole academic year, obligatory for all exchange students at PUT. You can get 2 ECTS points for the participation in the course.