Here you can have meals or catering organised for participants of a conference or a training course as well as for a graduation ball or a halfway party for students. It is also possible to organise meals delivery for participants of a conference or a meeting held within PUT's premises. The canteen's building also includes a VIP room, where you can have a reception, e.g. a full-dress graduation dinner or a party after successful defence of doctoral thesis etc.

Student canteen is also open throughout vacation period, i.e. in July, August and September.


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Additional information

Adres: ul. Św. Rocha 11,
​61-142 Poznań
tel. (61) 665 2701

W stołówce podawane są obiady:
- od poniedziałku do czwartku od godziny 11:30 do 17:00
- w piątek od 11:30 do 16:00.