Parking area and bicycle garage

Reporting problems with access to the bicycle garage and parking area on the Nieszawska Campus

To report a problem with access to the above mentioned facilities you will need to submit a filled-in form containing:

•   your name,

•   your surname,

•   the number of PUT’s record (or other card’s details – for ELS students,

•   describe the problem and provide information on:

  • place
  • date
  • hour
  • reader location (e.g. reader at the entrance/ driveway to the building of Faculty of Physics)
  • reaction of the card reader to the card (e.g. no response, or orange diode lights up and a single short audio signal is emitted).


All mails should be sent to:





•   student ID card has to be valid (it needs to be prolonged)

•   the card holder has to be officially in the status of a student / PhD student (deletion from the List of Students invalidates the card),

•   the card is disabled when the right to refusal to grant authorisation is exercised (e.g. for user’s failure to follow the regulations)

•   authorisation is to be provided within 24 hours after the application for it is sent. It is possible to check the status of your application in eKD service found in “Applications / tickets” tab  


If the message “the reader does not respond” appears, in some cases it will be necessary to file a claim for the access in the Dean’s Office.