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Inauguration of the SPS NATO Science for Peace project

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the inauguration of the international project on February 2, 2024, at 11:00 in room 124 at 2 Rychlewskiego . This groundbreaking project aims to assess the capacity of political authorities to wield social influence, legitimize power, and foster social resilience in crisis management processes within Poland and Ukraine. 

Motivated by the current political turbulence in Europe, particularly the prolonged Russian aggression against Ukraine, which has endured for nearly two years, the initiative underscores the urgency of effective crisis management for policymakers, local administrations, and communities across both nations. The project entails a comprehensive analysis of how authorities navigate and shape societal responses during crises in Poland and Ukraine. Subsequently, the project aims to devise strategies to enhance the efficacy of crisis management systems. The beneficiaries of this endeavour include the Poznan district community, comprising approximately 470,000 individuals in the Wielkopolska Region, and the local community of the Buczanski region in the Kiev oblast, with around 300,000 inhabitants. The realization of this project is made possible through productive collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering Management at the Poznan University of Technology, the Poznan District, and the Faculty of Management and Marketing at Igor Sikorski Kiev University of Technology, alongside the Buczanska District Council in Ukraine. 

Oksana Erdeli, PhD and Professor Serhii Voitko represent the project team.