5 06 2017

Young organicists of 21st century at PUT

On June 5th, 2017  9 students from public universities of Poznan City were awarded for their attitude towards everyday life as well as for cultivating the organic work legacy and work at the grass roots.
They are symbolic successors of Poznań organicists and together with the awards in 3 categories namely,  Emilia Szczaniecka-  activist,  Dezydery Chłapowski - community worker, Karol Marcinkowski – philanthropist, were given  financial rewards.
Among them were the following:

  • in the category Activist: Sowmya Thottambeti, laureate of the I place, Sylwester Szymański – laureate of the II place and  Marta Lewandowska who received a reward  
  • in the category Community worker distinctions were given to Agnieszka Michalak and Albert Marks

Gala ceremony of “Young Organicists of 21st century” was  part  of a project called “The entrepreneurial culture for the inhabitants of Wielkopolska region”.