16 10 2017

Subsidy to Greater Poland Independence Squadron

On 17th of October,  Professor Tomasz Łodygowski , the PUT Rector,  and Marek Woźniak, the marshal of Greater Poland Province, have signed  an  agreement on transferring  purpose subsidy equivalent to 400,000 PLN for the construction of three flying replicas of Fokker aircrafts within the framework of the project called “Greater Poland Independence Squadron”. The project becomes part of the commemoration of the 100th  anniversary of Greater Poland Uprising outbreak.

The project is realized not only because of the 100th anniversary of Greater Poland Uprising outbreak but also the aircrafts will commemorate one hundred years of the origin of higher education in Poznan as well as the establishment of the first Flying Club in Poland.


Fot.Wojciech Jasiecki/Dział Informacji i Promocji