NEW! B.Sc. Program in Sustainable Building Engineering

B.Sc. program in  Sustainable Building Engineering (Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering ), duration: 3,5 years  (7 semesters), 210 ECTS points


The graduate obtains the degree of an Engineer. During studies, the student acquires both theoretical knowledge and practical skills (three programs of internship, including pre-graduate
internship in a construction company) in sustainable building engineering with a reference to strength of materials, structural analysis, geomechanics, building technology, enterprise management, steel structures, concrete structures, timber structures, technical
equipment of the building HVAC, water supply, sewage utilization etc., energy certification, architecture and city planning and other additional subjects. The graduate will be capable of solving complex problems in civil engineering, with practical application of computer
aided design, including BIM (building information modelling) technology.