20 12 2018

PUT fokkers for the 100th anniversary of the Greater Poland Uprising

Replica of Fokker aircraft was one of the attractions of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising

On December, 2018 during the insurgent picnic on Freedom Square, replicas of Fokker planes, reconstructed by the Poznan University of Technology, could be admired 

Wielkopolska Squadron of Freedom is a joint project of the Poznan University of Technology and the provincial self-government, with the participation of the Polish Powered Glider Association. Its effect is 3 flying replicas of Fokker aircraft, captured by Greater Poland insurgents at the Ławica airport on December 1918. The Poles then gained approx. 300 German machines, which later became the foundation of the interwar Polish aviation and took part in Polish-Bolshevik war.

Aircraft replicas weigh approx. 400 kg (the original weighed 540 kg.). They differ also in the plating. Machines from 100 years ago had them from impregnated flax, and present from polyethylene material. The skeletons of the structure stand on the spoked wheels of the chassis, machine gun mappings and the links and pushers that are necessary to control the aircraft during the flight. Airplanes are equipped with electronics, avionics and engines based on Volkswagen elements (2.2 liters). The propellers have been ordered from a specialist manufactory. The machines also have original painting.

The construction of the Wielkopolska Independence Squadron is also part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of technical higher education in Poznan and the Poznan flying club (Aeroclub).