7 01 2019

Competition of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The PAN Branch in Poznan announced the 7th edition of the best original competition of creative work published in 2018, whose leading author is a Ph.D. student (age up to 30 years) from Wielkopolska or Ziemia Lubuska. This competition will be conducted in five thematic  areas, identical with the names of Polish Academy of Sciences /PAN/ faculties:

  • humanities and social sciences,
  • biological and agricultural sciences,
  • exact sciences and earth sciences,
  • technical sciences,
  • medical sciences.

Each five-person evaluation team for the above areas will  nominate one scientific  work for the prize.The winners will receive cash prizes. In addition, each evaluation team can  present one work to be awarded without cash prize. All laureates will receive diplomas awarded by Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan and approved by the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences Professor Jerzy Duszyński.  Prize winners will also be invited to give short messages about the awarded work on General Assembly of the PAN Branch in Poznan on June 5, 2019.

Applications can be submitted to the branch office of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan electronically (to the address kamila.sobkowska@pan.pl) by March 10, 2019

Detailed information about the competition (regulations and application form) can be found on the branch website (http://www.pan.poznan.pl/ ).