7 02 2020

World Engineering Day

We invite you to celebrate the first in history World Engineering Day at the Poznan University of Technology. 

The event will take place on March 4, 2020 in the Magna Auditorium at the Lecture Centre of the Poznan University of Technology (2 Piotrowo St.) at 11.00.

If you are interested in participating, please register through the FORM.

We will soon present a detailed program.

The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO - World Federation of Engineering Organizations) came out with the initiative of establishing an international engineering day - holiday, which will emphasize the role of the creators of technology and the importance of their work for society. World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development will be celebrated annually from March 4, 2020.

Celebrating World Engineering Day is also a promotion of engineering as a professional career. An international day with coordinated celebrations around the world will help inspire thousands of young people to become engineers. The joint festival will be an opportunity to promote and talk about the challenges facing the profession of engineer, the importance of engineering for sustainable development, as well as to raise the level of public awareness of the importance of technical activities and their creators in the life of society and an individual.

For more information on World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, please visit www.worldengineeringday.net.