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International Workshop on Strategic Management

On 17-21 April 2023, the "International Workshop on Strategic Management" was held at the Faculty of Engineering Management. In three editions of the project (2021-2023), 109 students and 10 professors from foreign universities, as well as students and academic staff from the Faculty of Engineering Management participated in the workshops.

The third edition of the workshop was attended by a total of 110 students, including 50 from partnering universities:

  • University of Technology Sydney; Australia
  • University of Gondar; Ethiopia
  • Centria University of Applied Sciences; Finland
  • University of Turku; Finland
  • Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences; Germany
  • Westfälische Hochschule Bocholt; Germany
  • XU Exponential University-Potsdam; Germany
  • University of Lille; France
  • University of Valenciennes; France
  • University of Valencia; Spain
  • University of Montevideo; Uruguay

Students from the Faculty of Engineering Management took part in the workshop. The program of the workshop included:

  • Promotion sessions
  • Team building and cross-cultural management
  • System thinking in strategic management
  • Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives
  • Strategic analysis of the macroenvironment, industry environment and potential of the company
  • Crafting
  • Strategy mapping
  • Final presentation

In addition, students had the opportunity to participate in the workshop "Personalized ceramic pads created with relief technique" conducted by prof. Klaudia Grygorowicz-Kosakowska from the Faculty of Architecture and to visit the exhibition: U STU-DAYS OF ISLAMU, EUROPE, 2016 by prof. Tomasz Matusewicz, also from the Faculty of Architecture.

The 24th edition of the workshop was organized by prof. Stefan Trzcieliński - project manager and Pawel Królas, PhD.






photo: Jowita Trzcielińska