Poznan University of Technology presents scientists and their research groups through research that is carried out in our laboratories. The series of short movies is to introduce the activities realised by the employees and to explain what they do and how their work affects the lives of each of us.




Project "If immortality unveil…" is focused on various energy storage systems. The research concerns already well-established technologies (such as Li-ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors) – in terms of their performance fade but also aims at development of new solutions characterized by better performance metrics. Our overall motivation is to deliver the scientific evidence that ‘impossible is nothing.




Professor Filip Górski team from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and their AutoMedPrint project. Project objective: construction of a protorype of a system enbling the automatic design of an individualized product (prosthesis or limb orthosis) basef on a non-contact SD scan of the patient and production of the product using 3D printing technology.





The project „Development of technology for the production of heated wooden furniture using thin-layer technology”

The objective of the procect is to develop a technology for the production of heated wooden or wood-based furniture. This technology is a response to the need of increasing thermal comfort when using restaurant gardens, park benches, or church pews. By means of thin-layer technology, it is possible to make wooden or wood-based furniture with a heating feature without interfering with its design, which is impossible using conventional heaters.