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Szymon Felinski and Maciej Dworzanski are the winners of the Superstar 4 Science 2022

Szymon and Maciej wrote a thesis entitled “Embedded system for learning smooth and energy-saving tram driving techniques “, at the Faculty of Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering. The jury, composed of representatives of leading universities in Poland, business partners and the IEEE, declared it to be the best in the Most Innovative Thesis category.

“We would like to express our appreciation to the Promoter and the students for taking up the ambitious challenge, striving for engineering excellence and supporting talented students. We can see that the scientific and didactic activity conducted by the academics of the Faculty of Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering of the Poznan University of Technology significantly fosters the Polish implementation potential.

“The system registers the acceleration and position of the tram, and based on these measurements, an in-house algorithm evaluates the driving technique. We built the complete system on a Raspberry Pi platform in a housing designed by us,” says the authors. The Promoter of the thesis was Adam Konieczko, PhD.

The competition was organised by the Polish Section of the IEEE, GovTech Poland and 4 Science Institute, together with business partners: Intel Technology Poland, Samsung Electronics Polska, Solidigm, Graphcore, Tink, Bering Waters, Billon.

Its major objectives are strengthening cooperation between academia and businesses, supporting higher education and promoting the best graduates from technical universities.