3 09 2018

Researchers' Night 2018

Do you know where the best explorers, scientists, researchers and inventors will be on September 28, 2018? We know. - they will be at the Poznan University of Technology. They will invite you to their laboratories and labs so that you can see for yourself how fascinating they have to work. There will be an opportunity to meet, among others, a charismatic physicist who conducts the Physics of the Money Show; see a team of crazy chemists who during the show” Chemists’   from another fairy tale” will lead you to the magical land of volcanoes and ice; in coldness  laboratory you will see how you can freeze water in a few seconds; you will see that polytechnic robots have a lot in common with the most modern medical operations, you will meet a team of students who has already built 4 racing cars, check if you have the strength of the excavation like Ronaldo, build a robot model using the Arduino platform, visit a virtual factory ...

This is only a small percentage of attractions that await you during this year's Researchers' Night 

More information www.nocnaukowcow.pl

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