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NAWA scholarships for young scientists of the PUT

Among 176 recipients of the Bekker scholarships, selected from 507 candidates, there are two scientists from the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Poznan University of Technology.

Wojciech Smułek, PhD will spend a seven-month internship in Denmark at Copenhagen University. In the team of prof. Anette Müllertz, he will conduct research on the use of plant surfactants in the creation of nanoemulsions allowing for effective delivery of antibiotics to sites of bacterial infection.

Karolina Bachosz, MSc, will carry out a research internship at the Section for Protein Chemistry & Enzyme Technology at the Technical University of Denmark in the scientific team of prof. Anne S. Meyer. The research will focus on the development of efficient biocatalytic systems composed of co-immobilised nicotinamide cofactors together with selected enzymes from the dehydrogenase group, which will then find application in the conversion of biomass components.

The Bekker NAWA Programme is one of the flagship programmes of the National Agency for Academic Exchange. Research fellowships (3 to 24 months) allow scientists to stay in recognized research centres and to implement the projects together with foreign scientists and scientific teams as well as establish long-term relationship with foreign scientific teams.



Wojciech Smułek

Wojciech Smułek, PhD


Karolina Bachosz

Karolina Bachosz, MSc


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