The Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture of Poznan University of Technology offers degree programmes in the following fields of study: Architecture first- and second-cycle, Interior Architecture first-cycle and a postgraduate course in Spatial Planning. The Faculty is one of the four faculties of architecture at technical universities in Poland which has category A awarded to the best scientific units in accordance with the current parametric evaluation of scientific units carried out by the Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Units. In February 2018, the Polish Accreditation Committee awarded the Faculty of Architecture the highest grade with distinction in the field of Architecture. The Faculty is also accredited by the Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology (KAUT) and holds the EUR-ACE® Label quality certificate. The programme of studies is based on innovative teaching methods and the curriculum content focuses on modern achievements in the disciplines of architecture, urban planning and visual arts. Most of the classes conducted at the Faculty are practical (tutorials, laboratories, projects). The programme of studies ensures the development of competences and skills that have a direct impact on the quality of the designed space. Scientific research conducted at the Faculty provides students with the opportunity to participate in seminars, symposia or conferences, preparing them for scientific and research work. The Faculty of Architecture is located in a new facility on the Warta Campus, which is one of the most modern teaching facilities in Poland. By constant adaptation to the evolving expectations of the labour market, the Faculty’s graduates, equipped with indispensable knowledge, skills and social competences, successfully find jobs in Poland and abroad. The Faculty’s students are also winners of many prestigious national and international architecture awards, such as the Minister of Infrastructure and Development Award, the Zbyszek Zawistowski "Diploma of the Year" Award organized by the Association of Polish Architects (SARP), the Władysław Czarnecki Award for the best semester work, the annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA-SARP for a project on shaping human social activity space, an award in a competition "Moja Wielkopolska [My Wielkopolska Region]" under the patronage of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, the Voivode of the Wielkopolska Region and the Mayor of the City of Poznan organized by the Association of Polish Town Planners in Poznan, the Award of the City of Poznan for the best MA thesis and doctoral dissertation, an award in a competition "Moja Wielkopolska [My Wielkopolska Region]" for diploma theses related to spatial planning in the Wielkopolska Region organized by the Society of Polish Town Planners Branch in Poznan, the International Velux Award, the Finsa Award, and many others. The Faculty of Architecture leads the way as for the number of beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ international programme. It provides an opportunity to study at one of 42 renowned partner universities in one of 15 countries. Every year, approximately 80-100 Faculty’s students take part in the Erasmus+ exchange. The Faculty of Architecture holds the approval of the European Commission confirmed by the entry in Annex V point 1 of Directive 2005/36/EC. The graduation diploma in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Poznan University of Technology is the basis for the automatic recognition of professional qualifications in countries of the European Union, the European Economic District and the Swiss Confederation, opening the way to full authorization of the profession of an architect in the above-mentioned countries.

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