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Mali Poligrodzianie Folk Ensemble

Mali Poligrodzianie folk ensemble was established in 1985 as a sister project of PUT's Poligrodzianie Folk Dance Ensemble. It brings together about 50 young dancers from 6 to 14 years of age.

The idea behind its establishment was development of artistic sensitivity and bringing up young people in the spirit of popular tradition and respect for Polish culture.

To arrange dances and chants for performance, only authentic sources are used, as close to Polish folklore "roots" as possible. The character, behaviour and performance pattern distinctive for presented regions are retrieved and the typical arrangement of instruments is preserved. The occasion for each dance and song is a real folk tradition – for instance, "kolędowanie" (carolling) in Żywiec region. Besides nation-wide folk dances such as krakowiak and oberek, the ensemble's repertoire includes regional dances from Wielkopolska, Silesia, Żywiec, Masovia, Łowicz and Szczyrk regions.

Mali Poligrodzianie successfully participate in many prestigious international festivals in Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, South Korea, Mexico, Italy and other countries.


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