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Future initiatives of the PUT. Their cost is over PLN 31.5 million.

Today, the Rector has signed an agreement to co-finance the investment with the Voivodeship Marshal. “This is undoubtedly the innovative future of the region, a response to the challenges that await us. We build it together. The Marshal expresses great understanding”- this is how prof. Teofil Jesionowski, the rector of the Poznan University of Technology, characterized the university’s investment plans at the airport in Kąkolewo.  At a cost of more than thirty-one and a half million zlotys, the following are to be built there:

AEROSPHERE 2.0. the post for observing, supervising and tracking satellite objects of the Poznan University of Technology (SONSOS).

AEROSPHERE 2.0. Aerospace Data Transmission (POLYITAN).

Space Robot Testing Center (OTRK).

Artificial intelligence in the analysis and modelling of large medical data sets, and medical diagnostics and therapy.

Wielkopolska provincial authorities will subsidize these projects with the amount of over nineteen and a half million zlotys. Today, prof. Teofil Jesionowski signed the agreement with Marek Woźniak, the Marshal of Wielkopolska Voivodeship. The Rector emphasized that R&D projects implemented by the Poznan University of Technology supported under the WRPO 2014-2020 are recommendations to undertake further joint initiatives.